Global Search Filters

Filter Description Examples
domain Domain.
organization Identified Organizations. organization:GOOGLE
ip IP address associated with the asset. ip:
tech Identified Technologies tech:reCAPTCHA
host Specific host, can also be referred to the asset.
subdomain Subdomain
tld Top-Level Domain tld:com
tag Tags that can correlate assets with different categories. tag:cdn
Filter Description Examples
port Network Port. port:80
has_private_ip Has Private IP Address associated with the asset? has_private_ip:true
has_ipv6 Hash IPv6 Address associated with the asset? has_ipv6:true
is_live Is the asset live? is_live:true
is_resolvable Is the asset resolvable? is_resolvable:true
dns_a Type A DNS Records dns_a:
dns_aaaa Type AAAA DNS Records dns_aaaa:2a06:98c1:3120::3
dns_cname Type CNAME DNS Records
dns_mx Type MX DNS Records
dns_txt Type TXT DNS Records dns_txt:38361f7847dfc47d25ea018cc49d2d4b
dns_ptr Type PTR DNS Records
dns_ns Type NS DNS Records
Filter Description Examples
http_title HTTP Title. http_title:Nginx
http_status_code HTTP Status code. http_status_code:302
http_favicon_hash HTTP Favicon Hash, uses MD5 hashes of Favicon images. http_favicon_hash:00005b898db4b904654fe705154f47bc
Filter Description Examples
country_code Country Code country_code:US
country Country (same as country_code) country:US
city City. city:Allen
asn Autonomous System Number (ASN). asn:109
Filter Description Examples
is_cloud Is the asset running on cloud? is_cloud:true
cloud_provider Cloud Provider cloud_provider:AWS
cloud_region Cloud Region cloud_region:us-east-1
Filter Description Examples
product Identified Product. product:WordPress
service Identified Service. service:http

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