Today FullHunt is releasing a FREE public platform to discover all your Internet-connected assets.

We are here to lead the way in solving the external attack surface security challenge.

We see that one of the major problems that security leaders, security operations teams, and many others in the security industry face are finding the Internet-connected and externally facing assets of their organization.

We have been solving this challenge by developing our own continuous monitoring solution, and today, we’re releasing the free public access to our new FullHunt platform.


At the point I started FullHunt, I thought we were all quickly moving towards a time when organizations would be struggling to understand what is being exposed to the Internet. Back then there were no security companies providing attack surface reconnaissance services to enterprises.

This has grown into today’s newly-formed Attack Surface Management (ASM) market.

With this in mind, back in 2017, I set about developing FullHunt. My early adopters have seen Fullhunt effective in preventing breaches for large profile organizations in different industries, including in Banking, Financial Services, Media, and Technology.

I was inspired by Rob Joyce’s talk at USENIX Enigma on “Disrupting Nation State Hackers”. I have always asked how a nation-state could monitor all of its targets of interests, without having initial access to its networks. The result was prototyping the original continuous monitoring technology that powered the external attack surface monitoring of FullHunt.

What’s new?

I’m happy to announce that we’re releasing our next product, the FullHunt Platform - our new public Assets Discovery platform that will be available immediately for security professionals, for free.

FullHunt Platform is the “Asset Inventory of the Internet”

The FullHunt Platform is the “Asset Inventory of the Internet”, a platform where you can find Internet-connected assets and devices for companies and organizations, and find technologies and network services running on all organizations around the world. Our engines continuously scan the Internet and discover new assets.

FullHunt also collects technologies, metadata, applications, web servers, and everything that can be used to understand and secure your attack surface.

The FullHunt Platform will solve the Assets Discovery challenge!

The FullHunt Platform will be an addition to the FullHunt Enterprise offering, where the Enterprise platform holds the monitoring, security scanning features, custom reporting, and a lot more.

Are you a consultant, security researcher, bug bounty hunter, or security engineer that needs to quickly understand the attack surface of an organization? You can do that easily by searching about it on the Fullhunt Search Engine!

In less than a second, you will have the full picture of the attack surface of your organization 🚀.

Are you an enterprise that is looking for more features, continuous monitoring, security scanning, better support, more features, and custom-developed tools? Please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to solve your challenges.

Discover unknown assets today and protect your organization for free!

Best regards,
Mazin Ahmed
The FullHunt Team