Our Pricing

We offer a variety of plans to meet your needs. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan that's right for you.


FullHunt Community allows security researchers to run basic Assets Discovery. Free for everyone, forever.
  • Basic Assets Discovery

  • 100 assets search per month

  • Advanced search filters and queries

  • Search results limited to 300 findings


FullHunt Enterprise allows security teams to solve Attack Surface Management at scale.
  • Advanced Assets and Attack Surface Discovery

  • Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring for exposure and changes

  • URLs crawling and discovery engine

  • Continious vulnerability scanner for more than 3,000+ issues

  • TLS Certificate Tracking

  • Enterprise Integrations with SOC workflows

  • Advanced reporting for attack surface discovery

  • Onboarding in less than 30 minutes

  • Coverage for up to 400K organization assets


Looking for a custom offering, FullHunt can
  • Develop custom features

  • Provide direct access to our Assets database

  • Run managed Security Scanning for the next big threat across your attack surface

  • And much more

Community Platform Enterprise Platform
Discovery & Monitoring
Attack Surface Discovery Basic Advanced
Continuous Exposure Monitoring
Continuous Changes Monitoring
Enterprise Scanning
URL Discovery
Certificate Monitoring
External Attack Surface Threats
Vulnerability Scanning
Security Misconfigurations
Software with known vulnerabilities
1-Day Exploits
DNS Security Issues
Log4J-related Vulnerabilities
Cloud Security Misconfigurations
SSL/TLS Issues
Reporting Features
Advanced Reporting
Enterprise Integrations
Search Engine
Search Queries 100 searches per month Unlimited
Results Limited to 300 assets Unlimited
Search Filters
API Access
Advanced Enterprise API
Customer support Basic Community Support Enterprise Customer Support


Are you a managed security service provider looking to add visibility and continuous security to the attack surface of your clients?


Are you interested in reselling FullHunt? Are you a consulting or services company that wants to include FullHunt in your bid?


Are you a researcher, engineer, or consultant using FullHunt to understand your attack surface who would like to use FullHunt for non-commercial purposes?


Are you developing an integration for your product or service?


Are you a nation's CERT that would like to protect and monitor your country's external Attack Surface? FullHunt scales to scan millions of assets for security risks.

Enterprise API Access

Are you mainly looking for Enterprise API Access to enrich security data pipelines?

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We use state-of-art technologies to scale our Internet scanning in ways that haven't been done before. We specialize in AppSec and with a background in distributed systems, big data analysis, and automating security. We're a growing company, and this is just the start!

    We frequently scan the Internet and enrich our platform with the latest intelligence. Our scanners are scanning the Internet periodically.

    Yes! we offer a free plan for all customers. Just register an account and you will be ready.

    We offer the FullHunt database for enterprise customers. Please reach out to [email protected].

    Looking for Enterprise capabilities? Try our FullHunt Enterprise Platform