If you don’t know what you have, you can’t manage it, thus, you can’t secure it.

Today we are glad to announce FullHunt, the next generation assets management, assets monitoring, and vulnerability intelligence platform.

FullHunt is a start-up specialized in utilizing Big Data, Open-source intelligence (OSINT), in-house scanning engines, and complex algorithms to provide simple and actionable data to end-users regarding their organizations’ attack surface. This covers the discovery and monitoring of all public assets and any vector that an adversary may make use of to compromise your environment.

FullHunt has been in the development phases for the last two years, and today, on November 1st, 2018, we are glad to commercially provide our technology to the world.

Our Story

The initial idea of building FullHunt raised when we noticed a pattern of security breaches across large enterprises and organizations around the world. The top cause of security breaches during the last decade is exploiting vulnerabilities in unmonitored, abandoned, or insecure company’s assets (legacy systems anyone?). Big breaches that cost organizations millions of dollars, such as Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Equifax all occured because of exploiting abandoned and non-monitored assets.

We started developing ways for completely automating the discovery of current company’s assets, and intelligently discovering newly-added assets.

The Need

The art of assets discovery is not easy. Delivering quality assets management requires countless hours of engineering and testing. Furthermore, there is no standard in performing asset discovery, therefore we had to build our own systematic approach through months of iterations, and scanning millions of assets.

FullHunt makes use of identified data in order to perform continuous scans and monitoring to all company’s online assets. Everything is done automatically. Everything is done out of the box.

We are even open to fit organizations’ custom needs and requirements. For example, this month we have developed a new feature that performs custom large-scale analysis for specific scenarios. We have developed the entire flow using our gathered data in order to fit customers’ needs.

What’s after the soft-launch?

We will be continuing the development of FullHunt technologies to help protect organizations around the world. We will be also releasing dozens of features that help security teams doing their work in a fully automated manner by using top-notch technologies.

FullHunt is designed to be fast, accurate, and comprehensive in terms of testing, yet simple for end-users and all data provided should be actionable. The monitoring technology we built is the first of its kind. It already helped a number of organisations during private beta release in uncovering security vulnerabilities that could have caused a major security breach.

Adversaries has been adapting highly sophisticated techniques to attack organisations. With FullHunt, you can easily see your full exposed attack surface in a matter of seconds.

You can request a free demo at https://fullhunt.io.

FullHunt, expose your attack surface, detect your weak points, easily.

Best Regards,

The FullHunt team